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Where is your patriotic spirit? You live in the "great democracy" and you promote war in the name of freedom to spread democracy.. Yet you sit on your ass every November watching some fucking reality TV show rather than voting. You are not expected to participate, rather, nobody, not even you, gives a fuck.  Help the voracious economy by buying a SUV and the gas for it. Don't worry, you're being patriotic. The taxes on your SUV are buying body bags for you beloved heros and that increase in gas consumption started a war so you could be all proud over some scraps of torn and dirty cloth that was once a flag on your antenna. Don't forget your "Power of Pride" bumper sticker. Just for fucking shits and giggles, I'd like hear you describe how the US government works internally... Hell, I'd be happy to see you point out Iraq on a fucking world map. Hey, didn't matter that Saddam had no connection with Bin Laden, you got your flag (rather "flags", as they're plastered on everything from your American Eagle t-shirt to some goddamn soda can) so you don't have to think anymore. And, FYI, Bin Laden would've thought of Saddam as a power freak and Saddam would've thought of Bin Laden as a religious fanatic. And on top of all of that, the only reason we live is to be entertained. You live to pay taxes on your income and entertainment, not to promote meaningful positive change in the democracy and community you live in. You are a sales statistic. You are what is in your wallet. You are simply a cash cow for both the corporate stores you frequent and the government that taxes you, all because you don't vote and we get someone who doesn't give a shit about the average American. Consistently we have the lowest voter turnout among developed democracies, yet we're leading the free world. Thanks to soft money cash will get you further than debate in the political game. Well, not you.. not that you care about major world issues to begin with. I'm talking about the big companies that already have their corporate lobbyists to undermine progress. And besides the problem of the average obese American not getting up from watching Friends or Fear Factor to vote we have a laughable elective system. Oh, you want your vote to count? Then don't vote against the governor's brother. And the whole time we're sitting on a fucking mountain of chads. The only time a few of you get up to vote you get a movie star for governor. Fuck, doesn't matter, no experience necessary. Hell, getting a job as a fucking bartender requires more relevant experience. Do you think our president would've made it in if his name was G. W. Smith? I doubt it.  Amazing that you can fuck up college, fuck up a state, get a DWI, get into coke, and still become president. And that's even after your opponent gets more votes than you.

-Clay S.